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ETP Plant

ETP Plants are widely installed in different manufacturing industries such as chemicals, tanneries, textile, pharmaceuticals etc. They are widely used for removing toxic and non-toxic chemicals from the water to make it pure for further use in the industries. They are designed using high-quality materials for effectively removing organic compounds, pollution, toxic, non-toxic materials, debris, dirt, grit, and polymers from industrial effluent. These ETP Plants are available with high-end screen chamber, collection tank and flash mixer for offering the best results. 

Effluent treatment plant

ETP Plant

Unistar Waste water treatment plant for suger industries Characteristics of sugar factory wastewater of are tabulated and a process using a dynamic anaerobic sludge blanket clarifier is described. Performance date are tabulated for a pilot anaerobic digester having capacity 64 m in 6-8 h at 25 C.O.D. was decreased by 78% and B.O.D. by 82.89%. Dimensions are given for the anaerobic sludge clarifier, filter media and clarifiers. Comparisons of operating costs show that automatic operation of the plant is more efficient than manual operation. Recommendations are made for operation, maintenance and selection of project engineers and consultancy services.