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RO Membranes

We provide effective and high-quality RO Membranes for efficient filtering of a wide spectrum of impurities down to .0001 micron. They are developed using premium raw materials for ensuring effective cleaning of 50 gallons per day under ideal conditions. These membranes are ideal for removing heavy metals, bacteria and any other carbonates. These RO Membranes are available in different specifications and mesh sizes for meeting the different demands of the clients with the best. 

Ro Membrance

RO Membrane

 RO Membrane is the most important part of the RO purifier system and is fitted inside the system so as to provide the high salt rejection to the tap water supply, thus providing the better life of a user. Our advanced technology  RO Membrane is designed in such a way that it is suited for the common household RO purifier fitting system. The dissolved oxygen in the membrane provides the odorless drinking of water thus keeping the user safe and hygienic with the intake of purified water. Moreover, the membrane is ideally used for the domestic, aquarium, and many other RO systems.

Toray Membranes

We provide high-quality of Toray Membranes that is used in the process of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration process as well. It consists of cross-linked fully aromatic polyamide composite membrane as well as with the cellulose acetate membrane that is responsible for providing the advanced features such as hot water sanitizable elements, and also with the chlorine resistant elements that are used for various special applications. Additionally, the membranes are used in the system is of premium quality of raw materials that ensure the durability of the system.