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Water Treatment Plant

We offer water treatment plants that are built of premium raw materials and are in charge of giving customers clean water that is free of all types of contaminants in order to supply them with hygienic water. The plant is made up of many components that are in charge of supplying the clean water used for drinking, cooking, and numerous other home purposes. Also, the product is user-friendly and effectively removes all sorts of bacteria from a big volume of water in one step, making it safe for the user to drink.

Dosing Chemicals

Available in: 50/100/200 Litre

Backed with huge industry experience and market understanding, we are involved in manufacturing a wide variety of RO Water Treatment Chemical for our valued patrons.

  • Safe to use
  • Free fro impurities
  • Long shelf life

Commercial RO Plant

We are the bracketed team members for providing the wide range of Commercial RO Plant that is used generally in homes, schools, malls, restaurants, and hotels for the supplying of purified drinking water. Our main focus is to design the RO plant in such a way that it perfectly removes all the contaminants of water such as lead impurities, deionization, etc so as to make it perfect for drinking, cooking, and many other commercial purposes. Apart from this, all the parts are fixed properly in the system so as to provide the smooth functioning of the product.

Industrial RO Plant

Industrial RO Plant  is Skid Mounted System and can be Installed at anywhere with water Inlet. This system consists of Raw water Pump Is Take Water From Water Tank And Give to Sand Filter And Carbon Filter, Pressure Sand Filter Is Removes Turbidity, Activated Carbon Filter Removes Smell & Color, Antiscalant Dosing Worked For The Reverse Osmosis System So With The help of that Membranes Not Chock Up., Micron Cartage Filter Is Used For The Remove Heavy Particles Which Comes From The Filters., HP pump is Provide Pressure To Membranes and R . O . Membranes is remove Heavy TDS. Hardness, Alkalinity, Iron, Etc. with Pressure Vessels and sophisticated Instruments with Programmed Control Logic for its full proof Operation. System Include the Electrical and Instrument Control panel PLC Base on skid.

Domestic RO Plant

For providing hygienic water to the clients we provide Domestic RO Plant that is made up of high-class raw materials which are responsible for offering the pure water to the clients that are free from various types of impurities. The plant consists of various parts that are responsible for supplying the pure water that is used for drinking, cooking and many other applications related to domestic use. In addition to it, the product is user-friendly and can process a large amount of water in one go by efficiently removing all types of bacteria, thus making it suitable for drinking by the user.